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Our Relationships and Individual Attention  Differentiate Us





In today's economy, getting access to the right form and provider of capital to support organic growth has become a challenging task for business owners. Fulham Partners’ close connection to the debt and equity capital markets provides our clients with a unique opportunity. We specialize in advising clients through the process of raising capital to best insure our clients reach their maximum potential.


The key principle behind mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is that the value of a combined company is greater than the value of the two companies individually. Our senior management's experience within M&A gives us the opportunity to provide a range of services for our clients. We work with clients to identify potential acquisition targets, raise capital for acquisitions and help advise on closing the deal.


A management buyout occurs when the current management purchases the ownership interest from the current shareholders. This can happen for a variety reasons, ranging from a recent change in ownership to the management’s intent to take the company private. Fulham Partners’ expert advisory service gives our clients access to untapped capital to provide for a successful buyout without overburdening the business.



A leveraged recapitalization is an alternative to an outright sale of a business, allowing a business owner to mitigate overall business risk and take some “chips off the table” while continuing to participate in the growth and eventual sale of the company. Our close relationships with institutional investors allows us to provide our clients with the right strategic partner to recapitalize their business and help it grow.


In business, sometimes it is necessary to sell an asset or investment within the business to maximize future value. Our network of institutional investors allows for the process to be conducted in a shorter period of time, which gives our clients the chance to get more value for and be more agile with their divestitures.


Business owners often find themselves facing stalled growth, needing to turn the business around, or starting to think about an exit and wanting to maximize their value. Our team has significant experience in C-level marketing, finance and operational roles across a variety of industries with proven success in generating immediate and long-term revenue and profit growth, leading to lasting value.



Fulham Partners provides quality advisory services to lower-middle market companies throughout North America. Our firm provides consulting and advice in the areas of:

  • Financial and risk management

  • Business strategy

  • Processes and procedures

  • Organizational restructuring

  • Turnarounds

The strength of Fulham Partners is derived from our experience, dedication and personal relationships within the global investment community. Our individual attention is a differentiator in today's marketplace. We advise companies on how to approach their business needs with innovative solutions, delivering services without limiting clients to a specific strategy template, financial institution or type of financing. Fulham Partners offers a wide variety of services for privately and publicly held companies.

We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and work with them during the process to best insure their needs are met. We have significant experience in raising capital to facilitate acquisitions and expansions, refinance for balance sheet stability, or recapitalize the company for shareholder liquidity. Our close network of institutional investors within the U.S., Canada, and Europe offers unique access to multiple sources of capital in an environment where getting access to capital has proven difficult. We work closely with several types of institutional investors, including:

  • Private Equity Funds 

  • Mezzanine Funds

  • Hedge Funds 

  • Family Offices

  • Senior & Subordinate Debt Lenders 


While our consulting clients come in all shapes and sizes, our typical clients for capital raises tend to meet the following criteria:

  • Revenue between $10-100 million 

  • EBITDA is greater than $2 million

    • (EBITDA margins 10%+)

  • Seeking a minimum of $5 million

  • Primary operating business activity is U.S.-based

  • Companies that demonstrate a defensible sustainability within an established industry

  • No startups or early stage

  • No green energy; minerals & mining; oil & gas; real estate; real estate development



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